Our products and systems are the accumulation of over 45 years of  experience, research and development.

External render systems inevitably protect against the environment, withstanding tough and challenging weather conditions, such as rain, wind and humidity. Here at Wetherby Group we use our in-house hygrothermal testing rig to simulate the worst weather conditions that render faces, meaning that not only do we test our products to ETAG 004 and MOAT 22 we can develop innovative new products and test all our existing renders in all adverse weather conditions.

ISO 9001 certificate iconISO 14001 certificate iconISO 18001 certificate iconWith more than four decades of experience in manufacturing in the UK, Wetherby Group are at the cutting edge of high performance products and today we remain fully committed to quality management and work to the ISO 9001 quality systems. Our computer controlled testing equipment means all of our products meet and exceed the demanding industry regulations. Wetherby Group also holds ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certifications.

In addition to our quality assurance certifications and our technological development, all of our products have been declared ‘fit for purpose’, meeting the performance levels and harmonised standards required by the EU product directives. All of our products comply with the EU health, safety and environmental regulations, and therefore carry the ‘CE marking’, which you can find on all of our packaging and Technical Data Sheets.