Private Label

A cost-effective solution and service to provide our proven products, helping you supply an existing market demand or to enter a new market segment in your own brand.

When considering supplying a product or range of products manufacturing yourself can require a very high capital investment, is time consuming, risky and complex process.

Our private label service enables customers to take advantage of efficient manufacturing facilities, proven products and a wealth of technical and marketing experience to support the successful introduction of a new product, or a new brand.

We can support manufacturers and retailers

Larger manufactures who produce exceptionally high volumes come to us to reduce complexity from their operation by outsourcing their small volumes, which allows them just to concentrate on the things they do best as efficiently as possible with minimal waste and downtime.

Alternatively, they may feel that they want to ease into a new area of an existing market but do not want to make the investment in new plant, machinery or product development, we can allow them to by-pass this until the time is right, helping get to market quicker.


When considering the overall start to finish costs associated with manufacturing, our lean and efficient operation allows us to be very cost effective. We can provide products that when considering the total investments required, are as cost effective as doing it yourself. We can also cut out storage and distribution costs by delivering direct from our plant to the customer.

What is the typical process to go through?


Non-disclosure agreement

Confidentially is important for us so we are happy to sign an NDA to ensure that you feel 100% comfortable with our approach.


Presentation on our businesses and capabilities

Creating a great relationship is really important to us. That’s why it’s always a priority that we invite you to come and visit us, for you to meet our team, get a feel for our business and capabilities, and see the facilities where your potential supply will come from.


Pricing & Technical specifications

Once we have established the products that would suit your needs, we will provide initial prices with technical specification on the products, this will allow you to asses the viability of our offer.


Terms & Forecasts

Once prices have been agreed, we require an understanding of potential demand. This can be tricky compared to forecasting demand for an existing product, but it helps us to ensure that we can procure packaging to meet your requirements.


Marketing set up

Once all terms have been agreed we’ll provide the relevant information to enable us to set up packaging and technical specification inline with your brand, this can be done through our marketing and design team, or in collaboration with your marketing department.


Initial orders

Once marketing set up has been completed, we request an initial order, so please plan in to manufacture your first order once packaging has been delivered.


QRT reviews

We would review every QRT in the first 12 months to ensure that we are meeting your expectation and discuss any amendments or adjustments to our service provision.

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